The Snorgh and the Sailor


“Outstanding — adventurous and quirky” — Julia Donaldson

Welcome to, a small, marshy website for readers and fans of , by Will Buckingham and Thomas Docherty.

The Snorgh and the Sailor is a story about a miserable, marsh-dwelling Snorgh (“snorgh” is pronounced with a hard “G”, so the website has the same “org” sound twice). Snorghs (as everybody knows) don’t have visitors. Snorghs don’t share soup. Snorghs don’t like stories. And Snorghs most definitely DO NOT like adventures. But when a bedraggled sailor arrives telling exciting stories of exotic lands, the Snorgh finds himself going on an adventure after all…

The Snorgh and the Sailor is an exciting tale of adventure, storytelling and grumpiness.

The Snorgh is available in both and .